Refill kit foto ink InkTec® pigment UV & DYE for HP Designjet with HP 10/82/82/82

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4 x 100/200/250/500/750/1000 ml premium ink - pigment & dye

compatible for HP 4x color printer models/ for cartridge & CISS for:
HP Designjet 500
HP Designjet 500 Plus
HP Designjet 500 PS
HP Designjet 500 PS Plus
HP Designjet 800
HP Designjet 800 PS
HP Designjet 815 MPF
HP Designjet 820 MPF
HP Designjet CC 800 PS

compatible for printer with cartridge:
No. 10:
C4844A HP10 69ml Black
No. 82:
C4911A HP82 69ml Cyan
C4912A HP82 69ml Magenta

C4913A HP82 69ml Yellow

with cartridges printheads:
C4810A HP11 Black
C4811A HP11
C4812A HP11 Magenta

C4813A HP11 Yellow

Package include:
4 x bottle with ink UV pigment Black & dye Cyan Magenta Yellow (square bottles resealable)!
4 x comfort syringes and 4 extra thick needles (1 item for each ordered color)
2 x gloves (1 item per order ink)
If desired an illustrated guide!
Online help via email!

If you order via e-mail, you can freely combine colors and volume of the ink: 100ml, 200ml, 250ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1L, 5L, 20L jede Farbe. Wholesalers are welcome!


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